Developed by New Logic, VSEP takes water enhancement to a new level.

VSEP was the brainchild of Dr Brad Culkin PhD and brothers Ric and Greg Johnson.

Originally envisioned as a blood separator, their revolutionary vibratory sheer enhanced process soon proved itself to be a formidable filtration system capable of processing hundreds of litres of fluid per minute.

Initially deployed with Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration membranes for dewatering products such as kaolin clay, titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate, VSEP really took off when newer, more robust Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis membranes were developed.

The thing that set VSEP apart was its patented open channel filter pack design which enabled the separation of both suspended and dissolved solids in a single piece of equipment.

From there it was a logical progression to innovations such as fully automated separation systems, spiral-wound reverse osmosis systems, membrane performance chemicals, and more.

Little wonder VSEP filtration systems have set the benchmark, and are now deployed on six continents.

VSEP is now based locally with fully integrated engineering support provided by ‘real world’ engineering professionals,


9 Reasons Why VSEP is Superior to Other Separation Systems.

1. Reduced Fouling

The trouble with conventional membrane-based separation systems is that they invariably suffer varying degrees of fouling which clogs up the membrane and limits throughput capacity.

In recent years this fouling – occurring as a boundary layer or gel on the membrane surface – has partially been reduced by high velocity cross-flow filtration.

However this method is uneconomical and only manages to slow down fouling, whereas VSEP’s shear waves actually lift solids and foulants off the membrane surface.

It exposes the membrane pores for maximum throughput – in fact it is up to 10 times more efficient than cross-flow systems.

2. Higher Sustainable Filtration Rates

Forget inferior membrane-based separation systems with their high operating costs and low filtration rates.

If you want crystal clear filtrate, precise separation, controlled size exclusion and outstanding materials compatibility, you need VSEP.

It’s the only filtration system offering you extremely sustainable filtration rates in a single pass…even when high suspended solids are present.

3. High Solids in a Single Pass

Imagine how much easier and stress free the process would be if you could filter high solids in a single pass.

With VSEP, this is a reality – even when the feed slurry is particularly viscous (> 70% solids).

VSEP’s vigorously vibrating leaf elements repel solids and foulants and permit the liquid to flow through the membrane pores unhindered.

Operating at a shear rate of around 150,000 inverse seconds, it’s as much as ten times more effective than other systems.

4. Supremely Efficient

Believe it or not, VSEP’s energy-to-shear conversion rate is 99%!

Its patented resonating drive system achieves high-energy efficiency by applying shear into a thin zone near the filter surface.

This results in efficient energy conversion with very low power consumption – in fact a typical VSEP system consumes less than 20 hp.

With VSEP almost 99% of the total energy utilized is converted to shear at the membrane surface, whereas in typical cross-flow filtration systems, as little as 10% of the energy is converted to shear.

5. Engineered to be Ultra Dependable

VSEP is a simple, compact, closed system with only two moving parts and a patented, “failsafe” self-repairing membrane.

Therefore costly downtime is all but eliminated, and uninterrupted performance is guaranteed.

Under standard operating conditions, VSEP requires no more attention than a pump.

It performs the instant power is applied, and its separation process is a pure physical occurrence.

Its two moving parts are the torsion spring – which is tested to assure infinite life – and the automatically lubricated bearings.

6. Thorough Testing

Be it small sample testing or pilot plant simulation, VSEP can conveniently test your material at the cutting edge Syngineering facility to determine general performance and budgetary costs.

This can simply be an initial sample test and report (complete with collected samples of filtrate and concentrate) or as complex as you like.

You can hire a small-scale system (Series L/P) to collect data on your process in-house, or Syngineering can run your material on a pilot plant system to simulate full-scale operation.

7. Fully Customisable

VSEP can be fully customised for your specific application using data collected during testing.

This detailed data is used to customise a Series i system to your specifications.

All controls, motor sizes, membranes and construction materials will be purposefully selected to ensure an optimized system that will provide you with many years of trouble-free service.

8. Compact Design

Less than 1.5 sqm of floor space replaces filtration systems ten times and even 100 times larger.

That’s right – a VSEP system occupying only 1.486 sqm of floor space can support up to 140 square metres of membrane area and do the work of a system 1100 times larger.

Furthermore the system is also modular for easy expansion, while installation of a Series i system is as easy as installing a pump.

9. Lower Costs

If you think a unique system as innovative as this would be cost prohibitive, you’re mistaken.

As a result of its speed, superior performance, reduced energy, maintenance and processing costs, VSEP boasts an extremely attractive cost-to-performance ratio.

In fact it is one of the lowest-cost systems of its kind, based on a combination of:
• High flux rates = more throughput capacity per dollar of capital invested.
• Fouling resistance = less membrane replacement + less cleaning and maintenance.
• High solids achieved in a single pass = simplified processing.
• Engineered dependability = no costly down time.
• Compact design = savings on installation, space requirements and plant design.
• Convenient testing = lower costs by reducing technical risk. 

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