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Available Technologies
Our philosophy is to use a range of technologies in order to create the optimal solution for our customers. We do not limit ourselves to any one technology suite or engineering solution/methodology, instead we work with trusted technology partners who along with us drive design innovation that has been proved in complex and difficult applications. Our technologies include:

Membrane Filtration

Microfiltration (MF)
Ultrafiltration (UF)
Nano-filtration (NF)
Reverse Osmosis (RO)
Physiochemical Separation

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)
Enhanced clarification

Sequential Batch Reactors (SBR)
Membrane Bioreactors (MBR and MBBR)

Press filters
Screw presses

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Syngineering Water – VSEP and much more

Syngineering Syngineering is an experienced and trusted engineering and systems designer providing cost effective, high performance, custom water and waste treatment solutions to government, industrial, and private organisations since 2008.  Syngineering Water is part of the Syngineering Group and was created to establish a team of engineers focused solely on solving challenging water problems. At Syngineering, we draw on years’ of experience in the design, testing and manufacture of water and wastewater treatment systems that are utilised in over 45 countries. For more information on Syngineering Water click here Syngineering Water Experience Syngineering provides effective solutions using high quality equipment for our clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. We recognise the imperative requirement in the industry for reliable equipment correctly matched for the application. Our products have been designed for and installed in the following applications: Sewerage Mining Coal Seam Gas Food & Beverage Industries Meat Processing Dairy Landfill Leachate Industrial Wastewater What we do We provide effective wastewater treatment solutions, applying our engineering knowledge and experience to fully design, construct and operate fully functional water treatment systems. Treatment of water and wastewater is an ongoing challenge for communities worldwide. As environmental regulations increase, cost-effective and high-performing treatment solutions become integral. At Syngineering Water, our team of engineers focus solely on solving those challenging water problems. We only use registered technologies that have been used successfully on a commercial scale to provide the best solution ideas on the market for our clients. At Syngineering Water we believe the best solution is simplest and most practical option possible: Ease of Design & Construction Long-Term and Operational Running Costs Financial Services and... read more

Landfill Leachate Treatment

Syngineering have begun work constructing another landfill leachate treatment plant that will have a capacity to treat between 300-400KL of landfill leachate per day.  This plant will contain both VSEP and Reverse Osmosis systems in order to achieve the discharge limits. Completion July... read more

Turning Waste into Water – Milk Factory DAF Effluent

Today we took our pilot VSEP plant onsite to a  milk factory to run some DAF influent and effluent. . The feed water was a blend of streams from all over the milk factory.  Just under 1 ML/day of wastewater is treated in the DAF immediately prior to discharge in order to reduce the organic matter to a level where it can released to the sewer as trade waste. The Problem This milk factory is at the volume limit of what they can discharge under their current trade waste permit.  Any further growth in the business at the current site would require a renegotiation of their trade waste permit, leaving them vulnerable to external forces. The Solution Syngineering Water used VSEP to separate the wastewater into two streams, one of clean permeate and the other a concentrated stream of all the contaminants.  The quality of the treated water surpasses that of the municipally supplied fresh water.  The concentrate could be disposed of with the DAF waste. The Results 77% of the milk factory wastewater could be recovered using the VSEP with an RO membrane.  The bottles pictured above are samples of the before and after water and the volumes in each bottle represent the relative amounts of starting feed water, and final permeate and concentrate. The permeate had a TDS of 10 ppm, down from 802 in the original feed water.  The resulting concentrate had a TDS of 3,264... read more

Turning Waste into Water – Abattoir Effluent

Today we were running some abattoir wastewater through the VSEP in our lab. The feed water was effluent from the abattoir’s secondary waster water treatment ponds(anaerobic followed by aerobic) and had a TDS of 2,280 ppm.  While a small volume of effluent is currently being resued for stockyard washdown some 250 kl/day of the effluent is being discharged to the sewer. The Problem This abattoir is at the volume limit of what they can discharge under their trade waste permit.  Applying to increase the limit is not that easy as the local sewerage treatment plant does not have the spare capacity to accept the additional volume. The Solution Syngineering Water has proposed to use VSEP to separate the effluent into two streams, one of crystal clear clean permeate and the other a concentrated stream of all the contaminants.  The cleaned water can be recycled and made available for use in production. This will not only reduce the volume of water being discharged but also decrease their consumption of municipally supplied potable water. The operator of the sewerage treatment might be happy with the reduction in volume but they are not going to be happy to receive the concentrated stream.  What to do with the concentrated waste steam is often a challenge.  This is where things get really interesting.  We are going to return this to the aerobic pond where we will introduce an algae and let mother nature work her magic on the nutrient rich water. The Results Using the VSEP with an RO membrane we can recover 88% of the abattoir wastewater as permeate.  The bottles pictured above are samples of the before and after water and the volumes in each bottle... read more

Reverse Osmosis Reject

When it comes to sustainability initiatives reusing water is a high impact activity for any organisation discharging large volumes of waste water to the sewers as trade waste.  While water is widely recognised as a precious and valuable resource, this recognition is not always reflected in the financial value placed on water. In a lot of instances the fees payable to the sewer operator make disposing of waste water into the sewer not only very convenient but also a very financially attractive option.  Where the sewer operator will accept the waste water it is usually far more commercially attractive to pay the utility provider to deal with the water than it is to deal with it onsite prior to discharge.  However large users of water  will typically be paying for the water twice.  Once on the way in and again on the way out.  In these cases it can be financially worthwhile to invest in recycling systems that allow them to reuse their water. Reverse Osmosis is one technology that has been adopted and can typically recover 70% of waste water for reuse.  A 70% reduction in water usage is a big step in the right direction for organisations seeking to be more socially responsible, and will also lead to significant savings in operating costs.   However a 70% recovery is still 30% of water (and money) literally going down the drain.  Trying to squeeze every last drop out of an RO system is usually futile as a point of diminishing returns is reached where scaling on the RO membranes causes them to foul and reduces their efficiency.  However the simple addition of... read more

VSEP LP System Arrives in Australia

Syngineering’s Lab and Pilot VSEP has arrived, completing Syngineering’s Water Lab.  Fitted out with high tech water testing equipment Syngineering is able to perform tests on waste water before transforming it into clean water with the VSEP. The arrival of the VSEP LP System means Syngineering is now equipped to run trials for clients interested in VSEP and provide rapid turn-around on the most suitable membrane for a desired water quality and the achievable flux... read more

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