The VSEP Process is Fully Integrated.

From precise lab testing  to full-scale startup in six months – and sometimes much less – VSEP, ably supported by Syngineering, takes care of literally everything.

Here is how it all flows:

Lab Testing

Send us a sample and we’ll prove it works. Visit us to see it work in-person.

Over the decades, we’ve probably compiled data on an application just like yours and know in advance how to solve your problem. However because every stream is different, we’ll test your sample at our lab to ensure we can give you the separation you need.

On-Site Pilot Testing

We then gather more data on a larger volume of feed material, often using up to 32 times more membrane area and fine-tuning the operating parameters while gathering data sufficient for a full-scale design.

Relax— our VSEP series LP and a field technician will come to you with a massive fleet of pilot systems and we’ll have all the data we need in a few weeks.


It’s all about collaboration, heeding your specific needs and custom-designing the ultimate separation system for your facility.

This facet is left to our engineering partner, Syngineering.

Australia’s most innovative and versatile engineering company provide services such as mechanical, process and electrical design, process and electrical engineering design, drafting technical writing, project engineering, RPEQ certification and more.

In conjunction with Syngineering, we offer simple but effective solutions for Coal Seam Gas, industrial, commercial, mining & civil applications.

Project Management

Your VSEP project manager will guide you through the design process, giving you options along the way, keeping you in the loop, and ensuring that everything is always fully operational.

We focus on meeting cost, quality and schedule targets, using our training, experience, knowledge of the supply chain and lean management skills to deliver on time and on budget.

Installing & Commissioning

We do everything to ensure your installation is completed without a hitch.

VSEP field techs will come to you to ensure a smooth start-up and train your operators, or you can visit our purpose-built training facility, hosted by Syngineering.

An open channel of communication has yielded a well-designed, fully operational separation system, backed by unmatched service. You’ll enjoy a lifetime of free support via phone and email.

Our experience teams specialise in installing/commissioning water treatment plants, RO plants, transfer pumping stations, and more.


Syngineering offer you a fully integrated service, and that includes operating the VSEP system too.

You can rely on our team to set the system up perfectly and to iron out bugs BEFORE it goes live.

We can operate VSEP indefinitely, or until your staff are trained and proficient enough to take over.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

As a single source, we provide ALL your requirements.

Long after the system is running smoothly, we’ll be there to offer maintenance, upgrades, advice, trouble-shooting and support. It’s the perfect way to complement an amazing system.

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