Turning Waste into Water – Milk Factory DAF Effluent

Turning Waste into Water – Milk Factory DAF Effluent

Today we took our pilot VSEP plant onsite to a  milk factory to run some DAF influent and effluent. .

The feed water was a blend of streams from all over the milk factory.  Just under 1 ML/day of wastewater is treated in the DAF immediately prior to discharge in order to reduce the organic matter to a level where it can released to the sewer as trade waste.

The Problem

This milk factory is at the volume limit of what they can discharge under their current trade waste permit.  Any further growth in the business at the current site would require a renegotiation of their trade waste permit, leaving them vulnerable to external forces.

The Solution

Syngineering Water used VSEP to separate the wastewater into two streams, one of clean permeate and the other a concentrated stream of all the contaminants.  The quality of the treated water surpasses that of the municipally supplied fresh water.  The concentrate could be disposed of with the DAF waste.

The Results

77% of the milk factory wastewater could be recovered using the VSEP with an RO membrane.  The bottles pictured above are samples of the before and after water and the volumes in each bottle represent the relative amounts of starting feed water, and final permeate and concentrate.

The permeate had a TDS of 10 ppm, down from 802 in the original feed water.  The resulting concentrate had a TDS of 3,264 ppm.

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